Why Yes, I WOULD like some cheesePIE


Alright, well with school in full swing again, things are trying to get back to normal. Although my class already managed to piss our teacher again. If we drive that guy into anger management, I won’t be surprised, I think he’s developing a twitch of some kind. Lunch today was..interesting. First of all, I ate a ham sandwich, some cheesePIE, and washed it down with some chocolate milk. While I was digesting that (not without trouble, my stomach ws growling an opera) my friends were eating kool-aid powder. You shoulda seem them. They started to turn red, and foamed blue at the mouth. “Oh dear god, this stuff is awful! I think I’m getting a headache, this crap is hardcore, man! Ugh, awful. Gimme more!” I can really see Kool-Aid addiction centres opening in the future.
My history teacher gave us a huge project on some important events (for Canada mostly) in 1950-2000. I got the Suez Crisis although I wanted the Cuban one. Oh well. Research day tomorrow should be good, although absolutely no research is going to be done. Cool beans as my friend would say. I got offered a small job in the library, if it works out should be really really boring, but I’ll take it anyway 🙂


One Response to “Why Yes, I WOULD like some cheesePIE”

  1. Oh well.. If you want, I can help you with that project (Suez Crisis), for I come from Egypt.. really 🙂

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