Windows is Messing With Me Again!


So today, I was looking through my computer, to figure out why 99% is taken up, and stumbled upon a happy little folder named System Volume Information, which contained a _restore folder, which somehow took up 4gb of my precious, precious memory. Quickly realizing that this is system restore, which as I found doesn’t work on my computer, (and I never used it) I decided to get rid of it. After looking on the internet, and trying to find the System Restore Tab in System Options for a while, I looked into some more options, to realise that it doesn’t work because some kind of .dll library can’t be found. I don’t wanna erase the folder manually, so I guess I’ll use the cleanup thing. Stupid Windows is screwing with me once again…and winning too…


3 Responses to “Windows is Messing With Me Again!”

  1. so what? choosing “turn off system restore” on the system restore tab didn’t work?

    did you try leaving it on and setting the size allocated to like 1MB or something?

    BTW, do you have hibernation on aswell? that can take up a whole load of space on your computer.

    Oh and recycle bin too, sometimes it is set to 10% :S which on my computer is 10GB!! 😀


  2. There’s a programmed method to delete the ‘system restore’ files. Doing it manually is not a good idea. So Windows is not messing with you at all. You.. are messing with it.

    Follow these instructions:

    1. Right-click on the Drive you want to delete the ‘system restore’ files from, then click ‘Properties’.

    2. Click on the ‘Disk Cleanup’ button. You’ll need to wait a couple of minutes where Windows checks things out.

    3. The main ‘Disk Cleanup’ comes up, click on the ‘More Options’ tab, then you’ll see the title ‘System Restore’ at the bottom.

    4. Click its corresponding ‘Clean up…’ button.

    5. You’re almost done. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Hope this helps~! 🙂

  3. Yep, got that already. I have hibernation off, and I got 30% free, so all is well. Thanks for all the help.

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