Brain Freeze at 10 am


Well, today was another skating day for me, the stops were stopper, the speed was .. speed-er, the turns were turner and the temperature was FREAKING FREEZING! Crazy Canadian weather had a momentary lapse of genuis, and turned the weather down about 10 degrees at night, which continued to freeze my toes off right up to 12 the next day. After a wholesome 2.5 hours of skating, eating hotrods with crackers, and semi-seriously hurting the right side of my butt I decided it’s time to leave.

So it’s -8 outside, so I figure this is the best time to try a slushie for the first time, to get the full effect. So I did. A Mac’s Froster is a wonderfull thing. A brain freeze is not. Apparently, and contrary to what I thought, I do NOT have immunity to brain freezes, which I realised shortly after a dull numb pain that made me almost drop my Froster rocked my socks (and not in a good way). Damn you, Froster, and your delicious lemony-limey goodness!

All in all it was a wholesome day, I bought an issue of Wired for the first time, so I guess I tried 2 new things, and experience a double dose of pain today. At least it wasn’t boring, right?


7 Responses to “Brain Freeze at 10 am”

  1. Wired was painful as well was it? 😉

  2. 2 gaminghobo

    You seem to lead a very painful life.

  3. That day was painful due my skates being rusty, and my logic affected as a consequence to my skates being rusty 🙂
    Wired was cool, they got a bot with Einstein’s head.

  4. oh thats right, yeah i remember seeing that somewhere… might have been engadget…

  5. Do HotRods *really* contain an explosion of flavour in every bite? Oh, and I want a Froster, right now. The closest we get over here (as far as I know) is Slush Puppy, and even then only at seaside resorts as far as I can tell. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get over it. In a week or two.

  6. Well, HotRods are some of the spiciest and saltiest and just generally weirdest tasting stuff EVER but it goes good with crackers. Slush Puppy is a rip-off of Hush Puppies (the shoe brand).

  7. Yeah, I got the Hush Puppies connection. I guess the reason we don’t get much of that kind of stuff over here is becuase of the Brisitsh weather which, although not as bad as some would have you believe, isn’t all that hot for most of the year.

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