I’m no Seinfeld..


But! True story (most of it).

So a few days ago I’m walking with some buddies beside this mall, and we see a GIANT pile of snow. My first notion is of course the most retarded one, so I climb it without much thought. Friend A of course says “Oh no, I’m a little girl, I’m gonna stand here and watch!” (well not really, but he’s a coward(well not really)) but me and friend J knock ourselves out by climbing it. Friend J more so than me, as being the smart kid that he is, he tries to slide down the hill, which he does, and finished be landing on his head. Like I said before, it was quite the humorous ordeal.

After that, I’m riding the bus and I hear some guy’s cellphone ring REALLY loud. With a cool James Bond ringtone. And it rings for like a minute, and no one picks up, and I’m thinking, oh man what a moron. Which reminds me, I should check my own phone for missed calls, as I am notorious for not hearing my tone. Hmm. 1 missed call. At 3:45. What time is it now? 3:46. Oh. Crap.

True story here. I am at my house with some friends, and the phone rings. So I do that cool Matrix move, get a big ‘ol running start and jump on the couch like some kind of demented lanky kangaroo. I pick up the phone only to realise that my leg is in serious pain. Hmm, I wonder why. After finishing the call (stupid telemarketers) I pull my leg out of the metal innards of my couch (not without effort) to discover that it’s bleeding all over. Apparently my couch isn’t as soft and cuddly as I expected… My knee is all covered in blood, and all my friends are laughing their asses off instead of helping me. I kick them out, and let my parents in on the way. As an answer to their question “What the hell happened to you?” I saw, with some struggle “Oh. I cut myself…on the couch” That was one seriously awkward moment. True story. ‘Nuff said.


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