New Yea..yea..y..arg..hungover


Nah, not really, but I nevertheless could be. After a 5 hour drive north from Toronto to Sturgeon Falls which consisted of taking pictures and watching movies on a crazy set-up involving a laptop, power inverter and a USB key I was glad to be on solid ground, and finally moving slower than a plane.

Welcome to Okimot

Okimot Lodge is actually a whole buncha lodges, and we got the biggest one, 8 people for us, and out friends. After a quick set-up in the cabin we..something something, then eating…then..something else O.o After spending a New Years with enough food to feed an army, and setting off the fire alarm from too many sparklers, and watching more russian movies we went to bed.

Some trees...

Next day, we cleared out a rink (which was already supposed to be there) and tried our best  skating on it, which resulted in me hurting me bee-hind. Multiple times. My dad broke his watch.. We were supposed to go snowmobiling, but the ice on the lake was too thin, so that didn’t happen, as well as ice fishing. Overall all I did was play pool. And I’m not complaining too, it was awesome. Then more pool, some movies, then, another night, another 5 hour drive back and here I am. Go me. Expect updates in the Flash department soon.


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