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I consider myself an above-average computer user. I know what an IDE cable is, I know the difference between NTFS and FAT32 and I know how to use firefox with my keyboard only. Yesterday my sound turned off. Just stopped. I checked the speakers, I checked all the cables. Weird. Re-install the driver? Crashes. Uninstall […]



A Digg killer is on the loose! Newsvine is a new service that will provide a space for people to write (like a blog) to put links up (like Digg) and get money from it (like AdSense) This seems like a real winning combination, and I can’t wait to see what happens to it. I […]

Ok, well I finally got an invite to try out Windows Live Messenger, and I am quite impressed. Although impressed may not be the right word here. I really like the updated look. Other than that, not much new stuff here I think. Uh, there’s the shared folders thing, which I won’t use because it […]

Just another little flash thing I made. It’s kind of buggy until I figure out to make it run smoother, but I hope you like it. You Make The World Go ‘Round

American Idol


I was watching Americal Idol yesterday (hopefully most of you know the show) and I was blown away. The people who come there are amazing. There was a guy with pigtails, there was Rhodetta who said that Paula Abdul has nothing on her, there was a guy who drinks hot sauce shots before his audition, […]

Ok, I said I was going to be busy, but that the hey. Hopping on the button wagon from The Gaming Hobo and Addicting Entertainment I made my own

Flash Calendar


Ok, well with lack of posts lately I thought I’d write something out. Right now I am working on a small flash project which is a calendar. I will try to make it a collaborative project, to try and fill as many days as possible with events. Right now I am actually placing all the […]